Novelda not spare the Denia and the three points (1-2) was

February 10 from 2013 - 18: 20

DENIA: Celso, Escobar, Nico II, Garrido, Victor (Borja) 85`, Carlos Ribes, Mono and Ferrán (Baxauli) 64, Juanma (Cristian) 76`.

Novelda: Marcano, Jorge, Pagan, José Sanchéz, Rubén Sanchéz (Chaco) 62`, Fernando Bejar, José Alberto, Gomis, Cristian (Inarejos) 79`, Juanfran and Rafa Belda.

GOALS: 0 - 1 Rubén Sanchéz Mto. 27 0-2 Rafa Belda Mto 81. 1-2 Cristián Mto. 92

REFEREE; Ignacio Iannopollo, showed yellow to the locals, Ferrán, Víctor and ejected Gervasio two yellow 67 in minutes and visitors, Pagan.

FIELD: Diego Mena with 300 fans.

The first approaches with the opponent's area were local. The first minute 18 with a throw of Gervasio the crossbar. The second was a free kick by Gervasio not find a striker.

The Novelda warned minute when Rafa Belda 21 in remato before the departure of Celsus and this deflected with his foot. The ball fell to Cristian who finished above the crossbar of the goal Dianense.

27 minutes, cross Bejar, in perfectly controlled, Rafa Belda, giving the 'death and Rubén Sanchéz hits the back of the net.

After conceding the goal, Dénia left the match, nerves appeared and did not succeed in creating too much game. The locals only had approaches based on set pieces. In the minute 41 Gervasio took a free kick and Garrido shot over the crossbar.
Break was reached with visitors' lead by 0 1 to.

The second half began with a clear opportunity for visitors. A ball from the right, Rubén Sanchéz topped head and chopped Celso responded with a great intervention.
The next occasion came in the 51 minute with a cross by Fernando Bejar.

Dénia gradually shaking off the visiting domain was thrust base and managed to reach the opposite area.

In the 57 minute, I corner taken by Mono and topped Dénia Gomis took the same line. When I was playing better Dénia came the expulsion of Gervasio, a new setback for dianenses.

the minute free-kick by Roberto 77 that crashed into the crossbar of the goal of Marcano. The sentence came with the goal of Rafa Belda 81 in minutes. Novelda with this victory takes hold in the top of Group VI Third Division.

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