The Museu Fester de Dénia is closer to becoming a reality

02 March 2023 - 12: 41

After long evaluations and waiting by the festive groups and citizens, the Museu Fester, or Espai Fester, in Dénia is closer to becoming a reality. The Councilor for Festivals, Óscar Mengual, Mayor Vicent Grimalt, the Councilor for Town Planning, Maria Josep RipollThe councilman of Culture, Raúl García de la Reina, and representatives of the Local Board Fallera and the Federation of Moors and Christians (FEMMICC) have presented the project to the media this morning.

The project has been presented for the first time, so it seems that the Museu Fester will finally be a reality. Although it has always been a present topic, especially during the celebrations of festivals in the city, it had been a while since there was any news about this project that different groups have been asking for for a long time. However, everything seems on track for construction to begin this year.

The idea of ​​the Museu Fester is to show the history and the elements that are part of the city's festivities, such as the Fallas and the Moors and Christians, as well as other festive groups. The objective is that visitors can learn first-hand about the culture and tradition that surround these celebrations, as well as the work and effort behind them.

Distribution of the Museu Fester de Dénia

As declared by the Councilor for Fiestas, "today is a beautiful day", because a dream of the revelers of Dénia comes true. The Museu Fester will be a space divided into two floors, as Ripoll has explained, located in what until now was the Children's building in Pou de la Muntanya, next to the football field Rodat. It will have a large open room on the ground floor dedicated to the permanent exhibition. In it, emblematic elements and pieces of each festival will be exhibited, as well as their origins and evolution over time will be explained. To that end, they will have to relocate the current staircase to the side and install an elevator.

The first floor will have two offices, for the Fallas and the Moors and Christians, a meeting room with capacity for up to 75 people and a multipurpose room where small events or temporary exhibitions can be held. In addition, the building has a large outdoor space where there will be a green area and that can be used for events, according to Grimalt.

The project has been very well received by the festive groups, who have spent years demanding a space where they can show their history and heritage.

The opening date of the Museu Fester de Dénia is not yet confirmed, but it is expected to be at the end of 2024. It all depends on whether the students who now occupy the place can move this September, as planned, to the new children's classroom of the Pou of the Mountain. Then the works would begin. The total budget of the project is valued at around €631.000.

  1. Dani says:

    And why do we want a "Fester Museum"?
    We have a bus station WHICH IS A SHAME and they do nothing.
    Tourism suffers more from the pitiful Station-Container that we have than from a party museum.
    Well, things are not needed in Denia.
    There are no cinemas, there is a lack of parking spaces, decent public transport and more lines to the towns.
    And we have a mayor who, instead of solving problems, spends money on bullshit and puts the city under construction at the gates of failures.
    Shame on the left and shame on the work team.
    That we have to be the citizens who pay for these misdeeds and then ask us for a vote.
    There really is no justice.

    • auspicious says:

      It is only €631.000, although the police station remains to be built, the health center, a non-provisional bus station, cleaning up the "train station" to enable it for use in the XNUMXst century, but a roundabout and a Campos street very nice for tourists. The money paid by the local taxpayer is spent for the benefit of the tourist, it's theirs! I also think that the festive museum was a basic necessity among the population, especially those who were not "festeros". It was an absolutely necessary popular demand, just like destroying cremated tower.