The luxurious yacht 'Okto' docks in the port of Dénia

22 July 2022 - 17: 54

Once again, maritime luxury can be seen in the port of Dénia. This time it is the luxurious yacht 'Okto; a vessel 64 meters long and 10 meters wide with a steel hull and aluminum structure. The yacht was built in 2014 by ISA Yachts, and is often available for charter in Ibiza.

Apparently, the ship was rented in the Balearic Islands and has sailed along the coast of the Marina Alta being observed, during this Friday, by several bathers anchored in Xàbia and sailing in the direction of Dénia where he has made a stop to also enjoy the local gastronomy.

The motor mega yacht has a capacity for 10 guests and a crew of 17 people. Her top speed is 18 knots and her cruising speed is 14 knots. The large ship also has outdoor salt and fresh water swimming pools, some of them in the form of Jacuzzis, its own cinema room, gym and heliport.

The owner of this luxurious yacht was Theodore Angelopoulos, a Greek steel and shipping tycoon, who sold it in 2020 for a price of 39 million euros and which is now only available to enjoy for a short period of time and of course. , for those who can afford it, since according to the rental company, the price exceeds 400.000 euros per week.

  1. angeles diaz says:

    That we are going to do a lot to him and others neither that they pay to the treasury that they almost always get away

  2. pep says:

    It is very beautiful and curious to see. The experience would be more complete being able to take a walk with him, if it is with the night better. It would be the summum, to be able to have a party at night, with friends, in the middle of the sea, but I consider that at this point, my happiness would have been exhausted and I would like to return to my current state; much more normalized and conservative, in which I would not have to worry about the maintenance of the ship, breakdowns, parts that do not arrive, personnel, ... state of finances, if it goes up, if it goes down, if it falls ... Be happy with what you have, do good and do not look with whom.

  3. javi says:

    that is so you can see that you can only reach those heights by stealing and hitting the workers to settle for the alms of those beings who are so good and generous and patriotic

    • pepet del garrotet says:

      friend javi we have to thank them for leaving us
      see the little boat without paying you are envious of the millionaires make yourself a millionaire and you are already working of course do not copy what they do and almost certainly you will succeed by the way earthly goods are ephemeral home net home quet

    • IgnacioG says:

      Around this time, the owners of these boats go to Cannes, Monaco, etc., which is where their “club” of acquaintances is and where they have all the services available at the highest level. Curious that this one has not gone and is there all alone, with that sad "set" of supermarket table and chairs on top of a burning pontoon.

      • IgnacioG says:

        Now I see it… It's for Sale! does the set of table and chairs go in the price? Interesting that they put it up for sale here because it is clear that we are all potential customers and now is an excellent time. Seriously now… Renting the pontoon is cheaper for them.