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The breach of the slots is settled with multiple complaints in Dénia

May 05 from 2020 - 10: 12

Since last Saturday, the possibility of gradually leaving our homes was opened, where we had spent almost 2 months protecting ourselves and others from the coronavirus, respecting some simple restrictions. These are basically schedules. We have always followed schedules, throughout our lives, and now when respecting them can save lives, it seems that we have a special interest in violating them.

During the last two days, complaints to Dénia residents that they are skipping these new restrictions have soared. They are still a minority, of course, but there they are.

Most of these complaints for violating the decree of the state of alarm have been brought to athletes who "entertain" and lengthen their departure more than allowed. But families have also been sanctioned accompanying minors outside their time frame and even an older than 70 years old who played sports outside their permitted hours.

Despite the fact that there is less and less for the new normality, it is important that no one rushes because at any moment we can turn back. To pass phases, our ability to comply with these standards translated into hospital occupation, among other things, will be evaluated. Then we can do sports when and where we want.

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