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The II Blood Marathon of HLA San Carlos helps increase blood banks

18 June 2018 - 10: 05

HLA facilities Saint Charles, in Dénia, were the scene last Thursday of the celebration of II Blood Donation Marathon held simultaneously at the HLA La Vega centers in Murcia, HLA Universitario Moncloa in Madrid, HLA Immaculate in Granada, HLA Los Naranjos de Huelva as well as HLA in Alicante.

The results could not be more positive, since the goal was 300 bags and the final result doubled. Together they got a total of 683 blood bags. Each donation can save 3 lives, which means that HLA help could save 2.049 people.

Luisa Bautista, director of exploitation and resources of the HLA Group, affirms that "We are truly satisfied with the welcome. This year we believed that we could overcome ourselves but not up to that amount, the goal was 300 bags and we have doubled the result. I want to thank all the blood banks that moved to our centers, the staff in charge of everything being prepared and of course to the volunteers, without whose solidarity we would not have been able to contribute so much for such a necessary cause for all ".

HLA donors have been presented with a sandwich prepared by chef Pepe Rodríguez, which is the image of the entity. The sandwich consisting of arugula, fresh cheese, Cantabrian anchovies and tomato had a great acceptance among the volunteers of each center.

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