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The Hospital and the RECOVER Foundation in Dénia allow the formation of a Congolese nurse

07 July 2016 - 13: 33

El Marina Health Hospital and the Recover Hospitals for Africa Foundation presented in Dénia the 2.0 Hospital Network project in which they work together to improve the conditions of access to health for the inhabitants of countries like Cameroon, where health is a corrupt system that obliges citizens to think twice if they go to the hospital in an emergency.

As part of this collaboration is the training in the Dianense hospital of African health personnel through a theoretical-practical training scholarship that allows them to expand knowledge in different areas for two months. These days the Congolese nurse Madeleine Friti from the Monavebe hospital (Cameroon), a center built by the Recover Foundation, is present in Dénia. Around one year, 70.000 assures people a cheaper care than the ministry in their country.

Hospitals Network project presentation

The managing director of the foundation, Macrina Camps, explained that "In the countries where we work, authentic health dramas are lived every day because health is expensive and there is an absolute shortage of means and professionals. Our job is to support and develop non-profit hospitals so that sick people can have access to decent health care ".

In addition to this access, the Foundation, in collaboration with Spanish health centers such as the Marina Health Hospital, connects professionals from both countries to help and advise the doctors and nurses of these African hospitals on a day-to-day basis through a Interactive platform Precisely this project has been recently awarded by the magazine Actualidad Económica as one of the best 100 ideas of the year.

This advice is complemented by the visit of some doctors of the Department of Health of Dénia to countries like Cameroon itself, where they have traveled with a retributive permit to be able to provide the assistance activity. Once there, they have also taken the opportunity to deliver sanitary material to hospitals in the area.

Nurse Madeleine Friti spoke about her experience at Dénia Hospital, where she said she felt like one of the team. From his work at the Monavebe hospital he highlighted the intense work done by professionals so that patients stay in the hospital and do not flee for fear of not being able to pay, as well as the importance of prevention work to sensitize the population .

Currently the most common diseases in Cameroon are malaria, malaria, diarrhea, anemia or Sidad, and the situation of the youngest children is especially worrying, since an 10% of children die before reaching 5 years.

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