The Dénia Hospital reports that there are several discharges every day

26 March 2020 - 19: 12

El Hospital de Dénia It has convened an online press conference to resolve doubts about how work is being carried out at the center to combat the coronavirus in the Marina Alta.

In it, they have not made public the number of infections, since it is the Ministry that must report if it deems it appropriate, but they have been optimistic about the current situation. Both the Manager of the Dénia Health Department, Luis Carretero, and the Healthcare Director, Pedro Clemente, have pointed out that the growth curve for infections is very flat in our region and there are still days ahead with moderate growth, but they believe "the measures that containment neighbors have taken have had a good effect".

A moderate growth of infections in the Marina Alta

The representatives of the hospital claim to have a lot of free space at the moment, being at the lowest level of the scenarios they had set. The spike in infections, as many reports point out, can occur within six days. Peak calculations are made on a mathematical model that is not exact. The sensation of the two managers is of a slow increase in the Marina Alta, fulfilling their goal of not having a fast peak, having a few days of growth.

Although they cannot give numbers, they have said that several hospital discharges are taking place every day.

In addition, regarding the news of their high number of infected toilets, they attribute it to the fact that in the center they are stricter and they are doing more tests on all their staff. However, they assure that right now they have enough protection material so that it is not their main concern, as it would have been a week ago.

Tests only for severe symptoms

Likewise, preventing the situation from before the state of alarm was decreed, the hiring of 73 reinforcement professionals was carried out to be able to supply casualties when there were and to support the teams.

One of the citizens' biggest concerns was the lack of tests for patients with mild symptoms, who were asked to remain in quarantine at home. The two specialists have confirmed that mild patients, according to the current protocol established by Sanitat, do not require tests, diagnosing themselves by answering questions from a doctor. Only those with severe symptoms and those with mild symptoms are being tested for toilets.

  1. Pedro Penalva Soler says:

    Hello, just a humble contribution: verb "have", in the sense of "exist", always in the singular: "... is having ...". A greeting.

  2. Miguel says:

    CAUTION TO COMMENT. Manipulators censor comments without insults or anything similar. Censorship. Fsscists!

  3. Borha says:

    I agree with you there are people who do not even know what they are talking about

  4. Maria Esther Mozo González says:

    In my opinion we should not know much more, only what we should do on our part, for our well-being and those of our environment, more information, so that if it is not within our reach to be able to help, knowing more irritates you, and makes you feel helpless in this situation, better to be informed just.

    • Miguel says:

      Of course esther, it is better to live in ignorance, as you do.

      • Miguel says:

        But some of us want to live informed for security and because we have the right. You sure want to live uninformed, and you are within your rights. I want information, and it is your duty to give it to me, they are public offices and this affects us all, but this is difficult for you to assimilate, you don't even think about it. I will not lose time with you, I just want information, your opinion does not matter to me.

  5. Miguel says:

    And how much income? Please report that.

    • Miguel says:

      Fascists of the information we want to know how many people are infected we have the right to stop passing the ball to the panda council of the inept. The more you censor me the more I will spread this. And I'm already doing it and the behavior you have from here. Stop censorship. Free information NOW. Inform how many people are affected in the region. Negligent! You give insecurity

  6. Miguel says:

    If now you throw the ball to the roof of the Ministry while you HIDE us the information from those who have given you the vote and who give you EAT, and the masks that people who are risking their lives are missing. Gang of unpresentables all politicians. I hope that the judges know how to value your negligence and withholding transparent information from people. It is a mere matter of transparency and information, the more we hide the more we suspect and like me, everyone. AND IT IS OUR RIGHT. Ale continue to lie and paint it all in pink. That if it is for you we would have celebrated the failures. Fool.

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