The Dénia Hospital will perform a hundred daily coronavirus tests

May 20 from 2020 - 13: 12

The Hospital today presented the new PCR analyzer donated by the Dénia Foundation. This tool, which has involved a solidarity investment of € 40.000, will help analyze a large volume of tests in record time.

El Hospital de Dénia It already has the pointer analyzer so in demand around the world. The solidarity action of the Dénia Foundation, which from Marina Salud branded as the "icing on all the effort the region has made", will allow a hundred COVID-19 tests to be carried out in just 4 hours.

The idea is that, after spending a week of testing to verify that it works correctly, it should begin to be used among the residents of the Marina Alta fluently the first week of June.

It is cutting-edge technology that significantly increases the diagnostic capacity of the COVID region and other diseases. Because the tool will continue to be used once the pandemic is overcome. This analyzer can also help in the detection of HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and other diseases. With a mucosa sample and 4 hours of analysis on site, without the need to send the tests to other laboratories, they will be able to diagnose patients with maximum reliability.

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