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The Dénia Hospital delivers the hospital medication at home

08 2020 April - 12: 16

El Hospital de Dénia is distributing hospital medication at home, through an agreement signed with the General Directorate of Pharmacy of the Ministry of Health.

According to the Head of the Pharmacy Service of the Department of Health of Dénia -DSD-, Jaime Poquet, "the objective is to avoid, as far as possible, the frequent use of patients who require this type of medication to the Hospital facilities, since in many cases they are immunosuppressed people ”.

This home delivery project of the UFPE - Outpatient Pharmaceutical Care Unit - delivers medication to an average of 35 patients per day, of whom 51% require refrigerated medications.

The medication for this population, which is around 1.600 users, is prepared daily at the Hospital Pharmacy, in a personalized way and following the list of patients cited for each day. The shipment is picked up in the early afternoon by a courier company.

The home delivery is made in all the basic health areas of the Marina Alta throughout the morning of the following day, in the cases of refrigerated preparations, and throughout the day for the medication that is kept at room temperature.

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