The Government announces that traveling abroad will mean 2 weeks of quarantine

May 12 from 2020 - 13: 39

Little by little the restrictions relief measures that we will enjoy in each phase of the de-escalation are being refined until reaching the new normality. It is relatively clear when mobility between different national points will be allowed. Now, what happens with the trips abroad?

The Government has published in the Official State Gazette the first measures that have been determined with respect to people who come from abroad. To begin with, greater vigilance will be sought and, therefore, controls at land customs will be strengthened.

But, the most striking measure is the period of quarantine required for those who come from abroad. This will be 14 days at home, only being allowed to go out to purchase basic necessities or attend health centers and with the obligatory use of a mask.

However, cross-border workers, carriers and crews, as well as health personnel. they are excluded from this required quarantine.

The new measure will take effect on May 15 and will last for the duration of the alarm state and its possible extensions.

  1. Pedro says:

    And if you pass through the Pertus border and go to Denia, they will let you travel 500 km by car instead of staying at your Denia house for 14 days without leaving?
    How will they control it?
    Are the Pertus going to call the police in Denia so that they put a policeman in front of the house all day to see if you go out or not and with a mask or not?
    That doesn't make any sense. It seems that one comes from the government and gives you a hit, then another comes and gives you another. All this without any coordination with Europe. Where is Europe? Each one acts on his own as he pleases, but then that is to ask for money from Europe ... If each one goes on his own, it seems normal that Europe does not give money since each one does what he wants.

  2. Fernando says:

    Where is the "relief" here that the reporter mentions? Coherent countries began quarantining those arriving BEFORE the peak not AFTER. Countries like Greece now simply ask for a test up to 72 hours before and if you are clean you can circulate freely. And not a comment on the impact in Denia.

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