The Andalusian Galleon will return to Dénia, although a little later than expected

Start date: November 30th 2022
Finish date: December 04th 2022
Event type: Exposition
Site: Marina de Dénia
Schedule: 10: 00 to 19: 00
Home: €6 adults, €4 children, free up to 5 years
Event finished

The Galeón Andalucía will soon visit Marina Denia. An imposing ship, a replica of the legendary galleons of our history that can be visited from November 30 to December 4.

A ship of 55 meters in length, made of iroko and pine, with six decks and almost a thousand square meters of sail area in its seven sails, built with careful historical accuracy in our country. During her stay in Dénia the public will be able to get on board and tour her decks, learn about her details, her navigation, what life was like for her crew members and the very history of the Spanish galleons that for more than three centuries they sailed the oceans. The experience is also completed by boarding a ship that today sails the seas of the world with a young crew that has the most amazing experiences throughout its long voyages. The galleon has already sailed more than 55.000 nautical miles and has visited ports around the world such as Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, New York and Quebec.

An authentic floating museum of our maritime culture, which currently houses the exhibition "Lotería de ida y Vuelta". An exhibition carried out by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, on the origin of our most popular draw, its history, its social vocation, and how it passed through different American countries and the Philippines over three centuries aboard the galleons.

In short, it is a great date with one of the most famous ships in our history, for which it is recommended to get the ticket online or pay by card.

  1. Susan Black says:

    Where can we buy tickets, please?

  2. Victoria says:

    Can you leave a link to buy a ticket?