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The Bahama Mama ferry from Baleària, the first ship to receive a supply of liquefied natural gas in the port of Dénia

03 July 2020 - 12: 23

The ferry Bahama Mama de Baleària It was the first ship to receive a supply of liquefied natural gas in the port of Dénia, in an operation that was carried out on Wednesday afternoon using the Multi Truck to Ship (MTTS) system. Two tank trucks from the ESK company, with a capacity of 41 m3 each, simultaneously carried out the first natural gas bunkering carried out in this port, which was also the first in a port owned by the Generalitat Valenciana. It should be noted that Puerto Natura, the Baleària company that manages the Dénia maritime station, has received authorization to manage gas supplies at this port.

The Baleària shipping company, a pioneer in the use of natural gas worldwide, has already tested the MTTS system in other ports, such as Barcelona, ​​Huelva, Valencia and Algeciras. It is a method that allows the fast and efficient supply of fuel and at the same time carry out cargo loading operations safely.

The ferry Bahama Mama It began operating last Sunday after the re-motorization carried out at the Gibdock shipyard in Gibraltar in recent months, which has allowed it to convert its engines to dual natural gas and fuel. In addition, two tanks have been installed on the ship to store liquefied natural gas with a storage capacity of 280 cubic meters, representing a navigation autonomy for the Bahama Mama of 750 nautical miles.

Currently this ship operates four days a week on the line that connects Dénia with Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca, services that will be daily starting on July 10 to reinforce the two fast ferries that link this town with the Balearic Islands.

The use of this more sustainable fuel will allow the ferry to stop emitting 9.257,34 tons of CO2 and 885,13 NOx per year, and totally eliminate sulfur and particle emissions (which means 77,14 tons of SOx) annually. . The annual carbon dioxide savings would be the equivalent of eliminating some 6.600 conventional passenger cars (or planting 20.000 new trees).

Bet on natural gas

The Bahama Mama is the fifth Baleària ship prepared to sail on gas, to which will be added the end of July the Sicily, whose retrofit is currently being carried out in Portugal. In 2021, the shipping company plans to have a fleet of 9 ships sailing on gas (between re-engines and new constructions) in which it has invested 380 million euros. It should be remembered that the six remotorization operations planned by Baleària have a total investment of about 72 million euros (12 million per ship), 20% of which will be defrayed through the CEF Blending funds of the European Union within the LNGHIVE2 Green & Smart Links project.

The use of natural gas is a strategic commitment of Baleària, which responds to criteria of social responsibility and economic profitability. This fuel makes it possible to eliminate particles that are harmful to health, reduce CO2 emissions by 30% and Nox emissions by 85%.

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