The file of the Les Rotes tower is already being compiled to make it available to the residents

February 23 from 2023 - 15: 03

Last Tuesday, as we reported this morning, the private meeting between the Dénia City Council and owners of Les Rotes affected by the placement of the 30-meter iron tower. At this meeting, the injured parties expected to be able to access the file with which the placement was approved. But it was not like that, which caused the indignation of the residents who have even planned to put their situation in the hands of the Sindic de Greuges and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency.

However, as this newspaper has learned, the Dénia City Council was already working to obtain the reports and be able to distribute them to the neighbors. The same Wednesday morning, defends the Councilor for Urbanism, Maria Josep Ripoll, the technicians were urged to locate and prepare these documents to be able to make them available to those affected, since it confirms that they are fully entitled to access the famous file as they are neighboring properties to the installation site.

"It has been delayed because they are going headlong," says the mayor, alluding to the large volume of procedures with which they work, but insists that the file was requested again on Wednesday and that they will soon be summoned so they can see it.

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