The alarm state could last one more month and end with Phase 3

May 16 from 2020 - 15: 52

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has returned to appear to report on the ways in which the Government is working to fight the coronavirus pandemic. On this occasion, the President of the Government of Spain has announced his intention to extend the state of alarm until the end of the de-escalation, that is, for one more month, which would come at the end of June.

This extension would be, according to Sánchez, the last since it covers a period of one month and not 15 days as has been done so far.

With the approval of this extension, the state of alarm would end with the end of Phase 3 of the de-escalation, so it remains in the air that in some territories it could go beyond June, because the Transition to the New Normality is asymmetric in each community.

This extension, again, will have to be approved in the Congress of Deputies.

1 Comment
  1. Andrew says:

    And then what? So much number of phases and schedules does not make sense. And the open bars, and the markets too, in case it was missing….
    Any number of stages of I don't know what this government is doing will have to get used to or live with the virus until a vaccine is found.
    For him that more intelligent would be and to define the last norms and to happen to them. The important thing is to define a control plan to detect future localized outbreaks and control them.
    It is not understood what the central government wants to achieve because it can already confine everything it wants, the virus will continue to roll.

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