The team of Paidos B took the tournament of the '12 Hours Fry'

08 June 2017 - 03: 00

The team Paidos "B" fue el vencedor del torneo de las “12 Horas Alevines” que se disputaron en Dénia. En esta competición tomaron parte 7 equipos de los centros escolares del It montgó, Pou, Cervantes, Maristas y Paidos.

In the day of tomorrow was disputed a first phase like way of liguilla all against all. In the afternoon, the semifinals were played between the second and third and between the fourth and first of the group. The winners of these games were, Paidos B and Cervantes who were the ones that disputed the final.

Final classification

Team champion: Paidos B
2º Rated: Cervantes
3º Rated: Alpha Omega
Top scorer team: Alpha Omega
Less team thrashed: Alpha Omega
Top scorer: Unai Bilbao of Paidos B

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