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The duel in preference from CD Denia and Gandia EU is the highlight of the Sports Agenda

Start date: April 23 2016
Finish date: April 24 2016
Event type: Sport
The venue : Rodat Field, Diego Mena Field, Municipal Pavilion, Joan Fuster Pavilion and Sports Center
Opening times: From the 9 Hours
Event finished

To sports week brings an exciting duel in the league preference from CD Dénia EU and Gandia. This meeting has aroused great expectations is the highlight of the Sports Agenda.

Once the CD Dénia against Alcoyano B

Saturday, April 23


09:00 FB Dénia D - UD Oliva B Infantil (field Rodat)

09:00 FB Dénia B - Calpe CF A Infantil (Field Diego Mena)

10:45 FB Dénia B - Pego CF B Benjamín (Rodat Field)

10:45 FB Dénia B - Pego CF B Alevín (Rodat Field)

10:45 FB Dénia B - Calpe CF A Cadet (Diego Mena Field)

12:00 FB Dénia D - Calpe CF B Benjamín (Rodat Field)

12:30 FB Dénia A - CF Independiente Cadete (Diego Mena Field)

16:00 FB Dénia A - La Nucía CF A Infantil (Campo Rodat)

17:00 CD Dénia B - Racing Algemesí B Juvenil (Diego Mena Field)

17:45 FB Dénia D - UD Oliva B Cadet (Rodat Field)

19:00 CD Dénia A - UD Rayo Ibense A Juvenile (Diego Mena Field)


10:00 Dénia Básquet - CB L 'Alfás Alevín M (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

10:00 Dénia Basketball - CB Ifach Calpe Cadete M (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

12:15 Dénia Basketball - NB Castellón Alevín F (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

12:15 Dénia Basketball - UPB Gandía Infantil M (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

17:00 Dénia Basketball - IES Huesca Junior M (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

19:00 Dénia Basketball - IES Huesca Infantil M (Joan Fuster Pavilion)


16:00 Il Fratelli - Esports Colau ACYDMA (Sports)

16:00 Nova Recal - Els Poblets Acydma (Burrows)

17:00 P. Denipool - Maxim Sound Acydma (Madrigueres)

17:15 La Fontana - B. Trinquet Acydma (Sports Center)

18:00 Dénia Futsal - Inter Movistar B 2ª Division (Municipal Pavilion)

18:30 C. Miguel Juan- Baleària Acydma (Sports Center)

19:30 Bioklimatica - Proyesplac Acydma (Sports Center)

20:00 Paidos Dénia - FB Dénia Juvenil (Municipal Pavilion)


09:30 Cup of Spain Sea Kayak

Sunday April 24


10: 00 III Solidarity March in favor of the CEE Raquel Payà in C / Marqués de Campo


09:00 QFincas - Veterans Renewable Energies (Rodat Field)

10:30 International - At Calpe Veterans (Rodat Field)

12:00 C. Don Jamón - Dinamo Comexa Veterans (Rodat Field)

18:00 CD Dénia - UE Gandía Preferente (Diego Mena Field)


18:45 Dénia Basketball - CB Lliria Infantil M (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

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