The gala parade in Dénia gathers more than 25.000 people

August 16 from 2013 - 02: 04

The main event of the celebrations of Moors and Christians Denia, the most anticipated by the public, did not disappoint anyone. The gala parade held on Thursday afternoon in the center of the city, caught the attention of more than 25.000 people along the entire route.

The main novelty of this year was the schedule change because it was ahead of the 18 hours and was a success. The pace of the parade was good, there were no major delays and 22 hours before had been completed.

The filaes of Moors and Christians took their finery to show off on the street of his love for the party, and offered a show that really deserves to be declared a Festival of tourist interest both for its showiness and its great attraction for those who visit us .

The Marins Corsaris were in charge of opening the parade, as pirates as ever. After them came the spectacular Guerrers HospitalarisWhich always attract attention for their makeovers. Cavallers of the Me'n Fot brought Christian seriousness to the parade, while the templaris and two brackets by imposing wore Calle Marques de Campo. Mozarabs, a pure white, gave way to the girls Almogàvers, With very striking fantasy costumes and makeup. They closed the parade crsitiano side, predating the captaincy, the festeros of filà CreuatsAccompanied by the Band of Teulada.

After the spectacular Christian captaincy, it was the turn of the Moorish side. The ALMORAVIDES They bragged of youth with the participation of the smaller; girls Alkamar They wore colorful costumes to the rhythm of the Toca't un ou brass band, while the Wallies stood out for the participation in one of their squads of the Minister of Industry and Tourism, Máximo Buch. The Filà Amazigh feather filled the street Marqués de Campo; the berebers painted blue street, and Barbary pirates They closed the parade with two squads of live and original colors.

Mulberry captaincy Filà AbencerragesWith half hour ahead of schedule, closed the gala parade of Moors and Christians in Dénia 2013.

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