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The Department of Health of Dénia warns that smokers are more likely to develop severe symptoms of COVID-19

01 June 2020 - 12: 10

The Department of Health of Dénia warns that there is a relationship between tobacco and COVID-19 and that scientific studies show that people who smoke if they are affected by COVID-19 are more likely than non-smokers that the disease progresses more severe.

Covid-19 is an infectious disease that primarily affects the respiratory system. Scientific reviews report that tobacco is a risk factor for developing bronchopulmonary infections, as cigarette smoke and harmful substances impair respiratory function and alter defensive mechanisms for the body to fight germs, including COVID-19. .

Dr. Miguel Ángel Císcar, a pulmonologist from the Dénia Health Department, points out that: "The latest studies conclude that COVID smokers have more severe symptoms than non-smokers, with an increased risk of entering the ICU, especially with age, and an increase in mortality". In this line, the specialist stresses that: "The health alert has brought added stress to the population, which has caused some patients who had quit smoking to relapse and others to smoke more. For this reason, and taking advantage of World No Tobacco Day, we must emphasize that giving up tobacco is now, if possible, more important than ever, due to the relationship between tobacco and COVID-19. For this reason, it is a priority, both from primary and specialized care, to re-implement all the measures that can help our patients in smoking cessation ”.

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