Preferred Dénia descends to draw with Ilicitano (0-0)

May 13 from 2013 - 13: 00

In the first half of play the ball did not have a clear owner. It was a continual roller coaster. The first approach to one of the goals was the 7 minute with a shot from Miñano who responded well Dianense rightly rejecting goalkeeper. Then it was the Dénia who played in more depth. It came with some danger on the verdiblanca area, although it lacked success when off the balls that were served by both bands.

35 minutes Dénia could have opened the scoring in a move that Mono Perales dribbled and shot on goal. Fran defender took the ball at the goal line.
In the final stretch of the first half, the game calmed down and no equipment was superior to his rival.

After the break the game continued in the same vein as in the last moments of the first period. A lot of play in the midfield, with some inaccuracies and others.

With the passage of minutes and need to win in Dénia he increased nervousness and inaccuracies were happening. The technical Dianense introduced two offensive changes for victory, Dani García and Cristián entering.
the minute 72, could mark the Ilicitano in the first approximation to the area, but Yeray's shot went over the crossbar of the goal of Celso.

Dénia wanted but could not, I miss the team's pause and especially some creation in their football.
The last ten minutes of the game, was the Dénia who looked for the goal with a Dani García who was very incisive per band, but their centers did not find a striker.

In time of prolongation it had the Dénia in a double auction first of Escobar and later of Cristian but its auctions did not find the goal wished.

CD. DéniaCelso, Corbalan, Nico, Garrido, Victor Banegas (Cristian) 60`, Escobar, Baixauli, Roberto, Ferrán, Mono (Borja) 77` and Michael (Dani García) 56`.

Ilicitano: Perales, Miguel Angel, Fran, Borja (Kana) 67`, Lozano (Juanra) 75`, Samu (Nacho) 45`, Omgba, Sergi, Miñano, Yeray and Carlos.


Referee; Chaves Gallego showed yellow cards to local, Corbalan, Garrido, Ferran and Maxi and visitors Lozano, Sergi and Miñano.

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