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The debut of the girls in Dénia Basketball League highlights of the sporting agenda 23 25 to October

Start date: 23 October 2015
Finish date: 25 October 2015
Event type: Sport
The venue : Paidos School, Rodat Field, Diego Mena Field, Joan Fuster Pavilion and Sports Hall
Opening times: From the 09: 00 Hours
Event finished

This weekend highlights in our sports agenda the league debut of the senior girls of the Dénia Básquet in the regional category, in a clash in which they are measured at CB Pego to be played on Sunday at the Joan Fuster pavilion.


Friday October 23


19:30 Paidos Dénia A --- FS Bar Aplec Acydma (Paidos Dénia College)
20:45 Paidos Dénia B --- Il Fratelli Acydma (Paidos Dénia College)

Saturday October 24


09:30 FB Dénia B --- CE El Verger Benjamín (field Rodat)
09:30 FB Dénia B --- La Nucia B Alevín (Rodat Field)
10:00 FB Dénia B --- CD Jávea C Infantil (Field Diego Mena)
10:45 FB Dénia D --- CF Benidorm C Benjamín (Rodat Field)
10:45 FB Dénia D --- CF Benidorm C Alevín (Rodat Field)
11:30 FB Dénia B --- La Nucia B Cadet (Diego Mena Field)
12:00 FB Dénia B --- CD Pedreguer A Prebenjamín (Campo Rodat)
12:00 FB Dénia D --- CD Pedreguer B Prebenjamín (Campo Rodat)
16:00 FB Dénia A --- Celtic Elche C Infantil (Campo Rodat)
17:30 FB Dénia A --- Celtic Elche C Cadet (Rodat Field)


16:00 B. Trinquet --- Esports Colau ACYDMA (Sports)
16:00 P. Denipool --- Nou Romá Acydma (Burrows 1)
16:15 La Xara --- Els Poblets Acydma (La Xara)
16:30 Nova Recal --- Bioklimatika Acydma (Burrows 2)
17:00 Baleària --- B. Aguilar Acydma (Burrows 1)
17:15 Fontana --- R. Seguros Ginestar Acydma (Sports Center)
18:00 Dénia Futsal --- San Clemente FS 2ª B (Sports Hall)
18:30 Proyesplac --- Miguel Juan Acydma (Sports Center)
19:30 Il Fratelli --- Maxim Sound Acydma (Sports Center)
20:00 EM Dénia --- Novelda FS Juvenile (Sports Hall)


12:30 Dénia Basketball - CB El Verger Infantil M (Joan Fuster Pavilion)
17:00 Dénia Basketball - Crevibasket Senior M (Joan Fuster Pavilion)


16:00 Garbi Dénia - CB Maristas Senior (Sports Hall)

Sunday October 25


09:00 QFincas --- Imper. Claua Veterans (Rodat Field)
10:30 CR Mañas - The Verger Veterans (Rodat Field)
12:30 Colombians - Pego Vtnos. Veterans (Rodat Field)
16:30 CD Dénia --- At. Preferred Alginet (Diego Mena Field)


11:30 Paidos Rojo - Dénia Children's Basketball F (Paidos College)
19: 00 Dénia Basketball- CB Pego Senior F (Joan Fuster Pavilion)


12:30 Garbi Dénia - CH San Juan Juvenil M (Sports Hall)


10: 00 II Cursa de la Dona departure and finish at Calle Marqués de Campo

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