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The one in Dénia, among the only 10 departments that pass to Phase 1 in the Region

May 08 from 2020 - 21: 02

Salvador Illa and Fernando Simón have just announced which provinces will pass from Phase 1 on Monday. Although it was expected that the Valencian Community would pass en bloc to this phase, it has finally been decided to make an evaluation by health departments, and much less than those expected have met the required requirements.

"Some of the departments do go to Phase 1 for their good results"Simon announced. Only 10, less than half of the total apartments in the community. Among them that of Dénia, which is the fourth with the lowest number of infections and deaths.

Therefore, although it was intended that the entire Valencian Community pass to Phase 1, this turn of the script reveals that it will not be so. However, the Marina Alta, dependent on the Dénia health department, will do so starting next Monday. Now it remains to know more thoroughly what relief of restrictions will be enjoyed by the residents of the region.

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  1. jose says:

    hello, let's see if they can free us we can go fishing, there he is distanced and without any danger of contagion. always taking the appropriate measures

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