DBC Suma Nacional falls to Onil

January 30 from 2023 - 10: 39

Denia Basketball SUMA 1 Nacional was clearly defeated in their trip to Onil, at the beginning of the second round of the regular season (77-54). From the beginning it was possible to appreciate the difficulty of the team to stop the strong points of our rival.

No matter how much Edu Clavero and Pascual Miralles worked to adjust the defense, it was not effective against a very balanced attack by Onil's team that produced points constantly.

The team, which will recover injured players for the upcoming matches, faces the decisive moment of the season without having yet been able to reach its maximum performance, and with changes in its squad that have forced it to reinvent itself time and again.

Next Saturday against Alcoi will come the first of the opportunities to rejoin the league, and bring out the good work that has been done despite the difficulties. We are sure that due to lack of desire, it will not be on the part of everyone.

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