The Consell proposes to extend the current restrictions in the Valencian Community

February 10 from 2021 - 12: 37

The Consell prepares an interdepartmental meeting to agree if the current restriction measures due to the health crisis are perpetuated for a longer time and, if so, until when. Although it is true that the incidence of the coronavirus is remitting, the deaths and hospital admissions in the Valencian Community remain unacceptably high, which may force these measures to be extended.

It is no secret that both the president, Ximo Puig, and his team are considering the possibility of maintaining the current restrictions for longer. The truth is that everything points to this, although many factors remain to be determined.

On the one hand, it is unknown how long this extension would be. The usual thing is that it is from fortnight to fortnight, so until March 1 we would continue as before. But pressure from some groups, such as the hospitality industry, could encourage them to reduce the extension to just 7 more days, so that before the end of the month these restrictions would be eased.

On the other hand, it is unknown whether all the restrictions or only some of them would be maintained. It appears that the current business hours and even the perimeter confinement of the community and the cities during the weekends are hinted to remain unchanged. However, the possibility of easing the limitations in current social gatherings would be considered. In addition, it is possible that the hotel industry will be allowed to reopen on a reduced schedule, although sources consulted also indicate that they will remain until March 1 as it is.

Possibly tomorrow the future of the current severe restrictions that have left the Valencian Community in a situation of semi-confinement will be announced and that, also, have allowed the third wave of the pandemic to come to an end.

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