The Council for Children and Adolescents confirms that the Local Action Plan includes their interests and demands

February 26 from 2021 - 11: 00

The Council of Childhood and Adolescence of Dénia has met this week. During the session, the counselors were studying and validating the Local Plan for Children and Adolescents recently sent to UNICEF to apply for the seal of the Child Friendly City.

The Council had a fundamental role in the elaboration of the Childhood Plan, since it was this body, which represents all the childhood of Dénia, which marked what were the areas that the plan had to contain.

During the virtual session, the Council reviewed all the planned actions while assigning them a value from 1 to 10 based on the importance they have for its members. Practically all the items included in the plan obtained an assessment above 9, confirming that the document of actions is really based on their interests and demands.

Within the line of action of Dénia friendly environment, which includes actions related to making Dénia a place that offers childhood and adolescence experiences that help them develop fully -happy, healthy and safe-, the Council especially valued the proposals aimed at promoting greater respect and contact with nature and also those to improve the cleanliness of the city. At this point, the City Council's intention to address the Council's proposals regarding the reduction of the use of plastics and the improvement of parks was highlighted.

The other line of action discussed was that of Dénia educator. This line is aimed at taking educational actions aimed at promoting solidarity, friendship and good treatment at home, school and on the street. The counselors highlighted the inclusion actions to guarantee the autonomy of all childhood, including the vulnerable; continue to promote child and adolescent participation and give adolescents more voice.

During the session the counselors were able to corroborate that all the work carried out during the past year in diagnosing the situation of childhood and adolescence in Dénia and the plan is really reflected in these documents.

The Council ended with a planning game with which the participants could practice how to organize activities aimed at children, from how to find a good idea to everything that has to be taken into account to carry it out: the date, the place, the previous organization, materials, budget, where to get the money ...

For the next session it was agreed that the Council will focus on the first steps to take action, planning actions contained in the Plan and which will be managed by the Council itself.

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  1. Christine says:

    Good afternoon,
    I think it's okay to ask that the
    Ayto take care of the cleanliness of the parks, but this is everyone's job.
    In the Ginjoler del Montgó park, recently renovated and with a multitude of bins, many and many young people continue to leave cans, plastic bottles on the ground ...