Has confinement made us better? The images of vandalism that demonstrate that no

17 June 2020 - 16: 49

Sometimes moments of crisis force us to evolve dramatically as a society. But other times, as much as we live a situation that ends the usual routine, we insist on acting the same as always. Although these acts have never been positive for anyone.

"Confinement will make us better"they said. And it was not unreasonable to think about it seeing the signs of solidarity and affection from our balconies when the situation did not allow us, otherwise, to peek into the most familiar reality. But we have needed to slightly recover our freedoms to return to bad habits Because being free does not mean that we are free to do wholly what we want, still less if it involves harm to your neighbors.

"What have we learned from this crisis?", asks the City Council on social networks accompanying their message with these images of different acts of vandalism on the streets of Dénia. To them, we can add the ones we have all seen of masks and gloves covering cement and vegetation.

No, that way nothing is gained. For this we have left our houses?

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