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The confinement does not stop the training work of Creama Dénia

May 13 from 2020 - 12: 59

The students of the four basic qualification programs managed by Creama Dénia continue their learning during confinement. The task is not easy, given that the main objective of these training courses is the practical learning of a job that allows students, young people from 16 to 21 years of age who have not met the objectives of ESO, to enter the labor market.

The teaching team of the programs, which are developed from Creama Dénia with a grant from the Ministry of Education, have had to do a master's degree in ingenuity during this period without face-to-face training to increase their teaching activity and provide new mechanisms, tools, activities and games to their students, ensuring that they do not become discouraged and continue their learning process. As examples, an interactive contest in which the students of each program have tested their knowledge on the basic training modules that are taught transversely in the four specialties or the audiovisual guide to home gardening that has begun to spread from social networks from Creama Dénia.

For this they have used ICT tools for online gamification such as Kahoot, Quizlet or Genially; as well as web pages for creating contests such as “superteachertools” or the “celebrity” multiplatform.

This challenge is made even more difficult by the operation of this type of program, since just in this last and third quarter of the course the students are prepared and wanting to do their internships in companies to experience everything learned in the program. This experience is then reflected in their curriculum and, in some cases, gives them the opportunity to stay and work in the company where they have carried out their internships.

Obviously, everything planned for the third quarter has not been possible and, even so, with the effort of the teaching team and the students, the four programs (hairdressing and aesthetics assistant, auxiliary trade activities, conservation and improvement of mountains and auxiliary to support the ship in port) have continued to be taught with the incorporation of new methodologies, new ways of communicating and interacting with each other that are enabling the 47 people enrolled in the programs not to abandon, continue to strive every day and maintain the illusion for Her future.

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