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The perfect complement for your garden: the heat-treated Dais BricoMaderWoood

20 October 2016 - 12: 00

En BricoMaderWood always have the latest in high quality woods. So now they have the perfect complement for your garden: The heat-treated wood floor.

The Tarima Termotrada is a natural product without chemicals. It differs from others in what in the production process only water and steam are used. With this heat treatment the wood acquires a nice brown color and the surface is pleasant to the touch. And the structure of it facilitates the expulsion of rainwater, resulting in faster drying.

Termo dais treated Bricomaderwood

It is ideal for both interior and exterior, either to decorate to install saunas, floors, coatings or patios.

For more information do not hesitate to contact BricoMaderWood, 618 05 66 to 50 phone, or address, Avinguda Alacant, 67 Ondara.


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