Dénia Tennis Club crowned champions of League VI Pádel

May 20 from 2014 - 13: 04

In facilities Dénia Tennis ClubTook place the ceremony of the trophies for the Champions League Padel VI has been disputed over several months in its facilities.

Prizegiving in Dénia Tennis Club

This event was attended by club president Vicente Devesa who was accompanied by other members of the board who also participated in the presentation of trophies.

They took part in this league a total of 160 players were divided into five groups. Couples who were champions were as follows;

Group 1

Champions; Felipe Garrido and Miguel Ferrer.
Runners-up: Tico Devesa and Luis Sanchis.

Group 2

Champions; Miguel A. Abril and José Miguel Alfonso.
Runners-up; Ximo Gandía and Toni Roselló.

Group 3

Champions; Fornes and Ruben Fernando Lloret.
Runners-up; David Ivars and Carlos Zamora.

Group 4

Champions; Bani Dalmau and Cecilio Corchero.
runners-up; Vicent Devesa and José S. Crespo.

Group 5

Champions; Juan Pedro Ochoa and Juan Antonio Ochoa.
Runners-up; Marta Alvarez and Patricia Toro.

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