Dénia Tennis Club held the "X Memorial Juan Postigo"

04 March 2015 - 00: 01

Facilities Dénia Tennis Club They were the scene of individual end of "X Memorial Juan Postigo" tennis. Which took place after delivery of the trophies was attended by María Postigo accompanied by his son Mark who were who gave the winners their awards.

Eduardo Pla, Quique Romany, Maria and Marcos Postigo

Table of winners in each category were:

Men's Singles

Champion: Eduardo Pla Jr.
Finalist: Quique Romany Jr.

Women's Individual

Champion: Maria Attard
Finalist: Marta Alvarez

Older veterans 60 years

Champion: Ulrich Bach
Finalist: Bruno Pérez

Veteranas over 60 years

Champion: Rosario Merle
Finalist: Monique Durou

Men's doubles

Champions: Juan Carlos Alvarez and Ramon Cardenas
Finalists: Javier Pastor and Antonio Gil

Women's Doubles;

Campeonas: Diana Tolsma and Heike Schrader
Finalists: Maria Attard and Mª Carmen Pérez

Mixed doubles

Champion: Rafa Garcia and María Attard
Finalists: Ramon Cardenas and Elsa Bordehore

Male consolation;

Champion: Sergio Martí
Finalist: Javier Ramos

Female consolation

Champion: Paloma López
Finalist: Silvia Moncho

Consolation Men's Doubles

Champions: Angel Calcedo and Rafa García
Finalists: Vicente Serra and Pepe Salort

Women's Doubles Consolation

Champions: Marta Alvarez and Victoria Alemany
Finalists: White Valiente and Ana Sellés

Mixed consolation

Campeon @ s: Sebastián López Moratalla and Paloma
Finalists: Javier Garcia and Cristina Romany

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