Circuit a Peu the Navy presented its official shirt

05 March 2014 - 00: 01

The mall Portal de la Marina It was the stage chosen for the presentation of the official shirt of the "18 Circuit a Peu Marina Alta".

An event that was attended by the President of the event, Juan José Vallés, who was accompanied by the Director of the CC Portal of the Navy, José Burgos, by Marga Pérez from the company Servicolor, by Vicent Rico from Unión Alcoyana, sponsors of the official shirt

Juan José Vallés commented, "It is vital for us to have these sponsors and I appreciate the mutual collaboration since it will be 15.000 t-shirts that are highlighted in the 10 towns where tests are held".

José Burgos said "I have been able to see the impact this has that unites populations of the region through the sport of popular athletics. I think it is necessary that we are supporting as we have done so far."

José Burgos and Juan José Vallés

Other sponsors also highlighted the good work done by the organization and that is why we have joined close collaboration with the test.

From Friday enrollees who are more than 1.600 may withdraw their ridges on the top floor of the Portal Shopping Mall Marina in hours 18'30 to 21 hours. On Saturday you can also pick up the dorsal from the 11 20 until hours.

The first test of this year's Circuit a Peu Marina Alta will be on Sunday in the town of 9 Xàbia.

Shirt sponsors

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  1. Antonio Miranda says:

    It seems very good to me, congratulations.