The chef Quique Dacosta and the writer Manuel Vicent represent Dénia at a UNESCO meeting

22 October 2020 - 12: 16

The chef Quique Dacosta and the writer Manuel Vicent will present their reflections on the possible ways out of the crisis in the Spanish cultural sector in a virtual meeting to be held on October 26 and 28. Both have been invited by the Office for Innovation and Creativity of Dénia to participate in the first joint action organized by the nine Spanish cities that belong to the UNESCO Creative Cities network.

In this meeting, which has the slogan "Preventive Creativity", there will be professionals linked to the different creative fields that develop projects in these cities. Manuel Vicent and Quique Dacosta will coincide at the debate table that will open the conference, on Monday 26 at 18 pm, with the title "Will we resist?"

In addition to the names contributed by Dénia, 14 personalities from the world of literature will participate in the three scheduled tables, such as the editor Silvia Sesé (Barcelona), the musicians Mario Torrijo (Llíria) and Llibert Fortuny (Barcelona), the archaeologist from Atapuerca Eudald Carbonell (Burgos), the muralist Anna Taratiel (Terrassa), the sustainable house architect Elisa de los Reyes (Bilbao), the designer Mayaya Cebrián (Valladolid), the chef Miguel Cobo (Burgos), the actress and playwright Yanisbel Martínez (Granada ), the painter and sculptor Rodolfo Navarro (Llíria), the filmmakers Roberto Lozano (Valladolid), Ivan Miñambres (Bilbao) and Jesús Lens (Granada) and the illustrator and video game designer Conrad Roset (Terrassa).

Following the common thread of the meeting's title, "Preventive Creativity", the discussion tables, led by representatives of the creative cities of Granada, Burgos and Llíria, will revolve around the exposition of the different realities of the cultural sector at the time to face the current crisis, the resilience of artists in the face of this adversity and the role of creativity in the reconstruction of the cities of the future.

The discussion tables can be followed through the YouTube channel Terrassa City Of Film, the city responsible for the dissemination and implementation of the event.
The virtual meeting will also make a niche within the programming of the SEMINCI, Valladolid Film Festival, and the Terrassa Film Festival, UNESCO Creative Cities of Cinema, with the presentation of their speakers from the stages of both festivals, which take place between October 20 and 30.

These two days have been organized as a result of the joint promotion initiatives of the group of cities that are part of the UNESCO Creative Cities network and that have the institutional support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The UNESCO Creative Cities network is currently made up of 246 cities around the world, of which only nine are in Spain: Bilbao (Creative City of Design), Barcelona and Granada (Creative Cities of Literature), Seville and Llíria (Creative Cities de la Música), Terrassa and Valladolid (Creative Cities of Cinema), and Dénia and Burgos (Creative Cities of Gastronomy).

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