CFS Mar Dénia falls to San Vicente-Hércules FS in a clear refereeing influence

January 28 from 2022 - 12: 24

Last Saturday, January 22, the match of day 17 of the 3rd division Futsal group was played at the Dénia Municipal Sports Center. CFS Mar Dénia faced San Vicente-Hércules FS. Both teams took the field highly motivated in search of the three points and the first chances were not long in coming. In the first minute it was José Martí who opened the scoring with a great shot that slipped through the visiting squad making it 1-0 on the scoreboard.

Things started well for the Dianense team that little by little took control of the ball and enjoyed
the best occasions. As a result of the insistence, in the 9th minute, it was 2-0, the work of Borja Catalá, after completing a good collective move. Mar Dénia continued to have control of the ball, while the visiting team based its attack on quick counterattacks.

In the 15th minute, after a long kick by the visiting goalkeeper Roque, he failed at the start and committed a foul that the referees punished with a too rigorous red card that left Mar Dénia inferior and lit the
squad spirits. The game was going crazy and the referee's decisions, which were not impartial, took center stage in the game.

In the 16th minute it was 2-1 and a minute later, 2-2. With more protests than game, the match continued and in the
minute 18 it was 2-3 and already in the last minute of the first kick Borja scored again putting the 3-3 on the scoreboard, but on the next play a long shot bounced off Luis and deflected the shot without Ángel being able to do nothing to stop him, meaning the 3-4 with which the rest of the match was reached.

After the break, everything continued the same, and in the 23rd minute, again, the refereeing couple became the protagonists, showing a new card that only they saw to Borja Catalá, which meant the second and a new expulsion with the corresponding inferiority.

Mar Dénia was proud to defend its inferiority and succeeded, although in the 27th minute it was 3-5. The game had become a street race, with chances in both goals.

With 10 minutes to go, the local coach David Jaén, put the player goalkeeper on the track to try
change the dynamic and in the 33rd minute, David García closed the gap scoring 4-5, but two turnovers in the 36th and 37th meant two goals that made it 4-7.

Mar Dénia kept trying and in the 38th minute, José Martí scored 5-7 and a minute later 6-7 that gave hope, but a new loss on the next play severely punished the locals again with 6-8 .

The protests about the arbitration decisions were continuous, but the treatment of both teams was very different and in the last minute of the game David García was expelled after a protest. Without time for more, Nico achieved the 7-8 with which the match was over.

Party that will bring tail, after the drafting of the minutes by the arbitral couple where always from their point of view, leaves evidence of insults and manners of at least two people from the public. While it does not reflect the complaints filed by the CFS Mar Dénia.

The next day, the first of the second round, CFS Mar Dénia will play again at home where they will receive CFS Racing de Novelda. Match scheduled for Saturday 29 at 18:00 p.m. at the Dénia Municipal Sports Center.

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