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The Social Center is transformed into a TV studio in presenting Port Rotes

January 15 from 2011 - 00: 00

An alderman who controlled the movements of the public, a plateau overlooking Dénia, a charismatic presenter and collaborators hook. Everything was ready to start the program: Presentation Falla Port Rotes.

The guests were very special: Juanjo Guntiñas and Mª Jose GarciaPresident and Mayor Fallera exercise 2010 / 2011.

Raúl Masó, host of the event, reviewed in his opening monologue the most curious anecdotes of the presentations of the fault with including videos, and after welcoming the president on stage, enlisted the help of Berto to present to the court of honor Fallera Mayor.

The voiceover of one of the best friends of the Fallera Mayor and the traditional music that the Falla Port Rotes uses for the climb to the stage of its maximum representative announced the arrival on the stage of Mª José García, who took positions in the center of the "set" to enjoy your night.

Vanessa Quintanar and Vicent Agulles, outgoing charges, was dismissed from his post and got very excited to welcome Mª José and Juanjo to a very special year for them.

The surprise for the faller came when a group of friends took the stage to dedicate a musical performance with the theme "All that jazz", and the audience laughed a lot with the announcement during the break for "advertising", in which a child asked his father why they were from Port Rotes.

After advertising a new collaborator, Mireia Reig, he came on stage to welcome the dianenses falleros districts, who made their obeisance to the Fallera Mayor. And the turn came the stars of the night: Juanjo and Jose Maria sat by the presenter to answer your questions before addressing the public with speeches they had prepared.

  1. pedelos says:

    Charismatic, versatile, more can ask for this presenter, who gave way to thousands of memories that have lived in Port Rotes. My big congratulations Juanan without forgetting that without the script nothing has been the same !!

  2. pedelos says:

    With charisma and very versatile, this presenter has it all. Congratulations, it has been very entertaining and fun.
    Congratulations to Juanan by the script !!!!

  3. president Roques (saves) says:

    my congratulations to juan antonio maso for that currote piece of presentation that I do as well as to all the port-rotes team for the help on the cover to sou the failure of the party and the task ajjajaja, well I do not forget my great friend and "brother" raul you went out on all sides uncle ole ole and ole.my sincere congratulations to the failure port-rotes

  4. Juanjo Guntiñas says:

    As SUFIGA says, it's easy to be president taking back a team like ours. Thank you very much from Mº Joseph and mine.

  5. Raul says:

    The presentation was very cool!

    I'm waiting for the video !!!! What a thrill! XD


  6. SUFIGA says:

    It is very easy, do presntaciones when there is a large team of professionals falleros and friends thank everyone behind.
    It SEEMS ALL THAT COULD was actually a figment of his imagination.

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