The Dénia Sports Center launches some tips before resuming the sport away from home

May 02 from 2020 - 00: 38

After seven weeks of confinement, starting today, physical activity is allowed outdoors. But it must be taken into account that, although many dianenses have followed the recommendations and activities of the Centro Deportivo Dénia, physical activity at home is very different from what can be done from today.

"The most important thing of all is to start gradually and progressively", says the head of the Sports Center, Susana Campos. "We cannot go back to what we did seven weeks ago, we must start little by little, since an overexertion can negatively affect our body on the first day of training and leave us injured several days at home".

From the Sports Center they are sure that sport can help us very positively to combat the pandemic. Staying in good physical condition helps us to improve our health and be stronger. "That is why we must prepare ourselves before returning to sport"Campos explains. For this, the center managed by Aqualia in collaboration with the City of Dénia, wants to accompany users in the set-up with some advice from the first exit, which each person must adapt to their physical level, since they are generic indications:

  • Your legs have been at least 50 days in "off" mode, so even if you really want to go out, the first days should be a new contact. You do not want to be at the same level as when you left because your physical level is surely lower.
  • Tune up your equipment whether you are going to run or play sports with your bike or your skates, check that everything is fine before starting, even the helmet or other protections. If you are going to run, get comfortable and breathable shoes and clothing. Do not release anything new, try to make them shoes and clothes that you have already worn on previous occasions to avoid chafing and blisters. And if you can, take a pocket disinfectant gel with you.
  • Remember to put on sunscreen, unless you go out very early in the morning or very late at night. We are getting closer to summer and the sun will affect our skin more.
  • Start with a long warm-up, spend twice as much time as you did before to warm-up. Ideally, move the joints for 3 minutes and then walk for 5 more minutes. Then perform a more dynamic warm-up that takes no more than 10 minutes and gently stretch for another 3.
  • Train smoothly, reduce the intensity of the training you did before to 50-60% at least on the first day to see how your body reacts. From the 2nd and 3rd day you see a 10% increase in training intensity if your body allows it. For this it is recommended that you use the heart rate monitor or at least check your heart rate from time to time.
  • If you weren't very constant with sports before confinement, you don't want to convert now. If this is your case, what you can do is start with 2-3 very soft days a week and gradually increase it. This is not the time to compare yourself with others or follow crazy challenges that these days flood the RRSS. Introduce active breaks with gentle intensities during training.
  • Listen to your body at all times and do not want to do in one day what you have not done in more than a month and a half. You must have body awareness and listen to all those signals that the body sends us. In addition, our brain is not ready to function at the same rate as before since we have been deprived of freedom and that affects us even if we do not realize it.
  • Be careful with your goals and with frustration. Set yourself easy goals and goals that you can achieve, so it will be easy and positive to achieve them and gradually increase them. You will expand them over time. Remember that it is better to start doing light workouts several days a week than a great workout at first and give up.
  • Spend time back to calm. Just like warming up, you should spend a lot more time than usual doing it at least in the first few days. Perform 3-4 minutes of medium-low intensity and then another 3-4 minutes of low or very low intensity. Then spend 8-10 minutes stretching well.

Remember that we are still in a state of alarm and you must be cautious and rigorously follow all the security measures and recommendations that the authorities indicate:

  • Keep the safety distance and remember that we can only do sport individually.
  • Check before leaving the tour that you can do and have other options in case your choice is too crowded. Remember that you cannot leave your municipality.
  • Avoid touching any object, wall, tree, ... and if you do, try to do it with your non-dominant hand. If you have disinfectant, use it.
  • Take a shower and change your clothes as soon as you get home and disinfect the sole of your shoes or your wheels and protections before entering the house.
  • Check the schedule, you can only do sport between 6.00 and 10.00 in the morning and between 20.00 and 23.00 at night.

From the Dénia sports center they ask dianenses to be responsible, "For you and for others. Although playing sports is your responsibility, remember that we are in this together. Common sense is especially important in the weeks ahead and all the decisions we make can influence others as well. Therefore, if you have any questions, always find out through the official channels of the municipality ".

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