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The CDL wants to meet with Center Unificat to "approach positions"

January 30 from 2014 - 00: 01

With an eye on local elections next year, for which there are about 15 months, his voice CDL councilor, Mari Martínez, Announced the start of a series of meetings with all political groups that will start with the Center Unificat of Pepa Font.

According to Martinez, "We want to try to bring positions to offer a common front but for that there is a huge job that we have to start now if there is intention to reach an agreement" because your group "It is always open to new additions" in order to combat bipartisanship.

Mari Martínez - Councilwoman TDF in Dénia

And the next February 22, his party at the provincial level will discuss a possible integration in Citizens, which in the words of Martinez, "It is a delicate issue, which affects many sensitivities and has to be resolved with the greatest delicacy and generosity".

In the event that the vote resolves integration with Citizens, the CDL group in Dénia would automatically become Citizens. There is the circumstance that the CDL entered this legislature to be part of the municipality of Dénia under the acronym of PSD (Social Democratic Party) and, a few months after the resignation of then-councilor Juan Sancho changed his name to CDL. If "yes" is voted on February 22, Mari Martínez's party will have received three different denominations in a single legislature.

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