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The CD. Dénia Chella turned with a period (1-1)

November 16 from 2014 - 09: 09

The Dianense team scored again outside their fief, this time, tied one against the CD. Chella. It is not easy to score in this field and the whole of the Marina Alta achieved it, thanks to the goal scored by Mono in the second half.

Mono scored again for CD

During the first forty-five minutes, the mastery of the game was for the home side, who had more ball possession but I do not think too many times in the Dianense goal.

With a good defensive, men Jesús Moratal They were controlling the opponent, but a powerful shot from Pablo Roca 24 in minutes surprised the goalkeeper Dianense, Maxi, achieving the first goal of the afternoon.

A goal that created some confusion among men Moratal, who had a complicated subsequent minutes. The home team grew and got in trouble at Dianense conjunction with finials Muñoz and Kike.

36 minutes played, the home team was left shorthanded when he saw the second yellow card Victor. From that moment, the game control passed to the dianenses.

With the score against and numerical superiority, the CD. Dénia It took more risks and went to his rival. He was gradually coming more clearly the Valencia area although it continued failing in the final pass. the minute 71 Mono headed in a good run in achieving the equalizer.

It seemed that the Marina Alta team could take the three points, since the domain was total, more when Chella suffered the expulsion of a second player, this time it was Raulet who saw the second yellow card. As a result of this expulsion, the locals closed themselves more in their own area.

Visitors insisted his attack, but came up against a wall that was insurmountable and could not complete the comeback. Already in injury time Alex was sent off very rigorously by the referee, so that the lateral Dianense mourning the next day will be lost to the CD. Jávea.

On the CD. Dénia is necessary to emphasize the debut of newly built, Elias, which was not noticed his lack of shooting since I had a good performance.


CD. Chella: Maki, Rolet, Carlos Miguel, Jose Enrique, Lelo, Evaristo (José Gil, 69), Carlos Muñoz (Ramón Chuliá, 62 '), Pablo Roca, Joshua (Iborra, 80'), Kike (Granero, 82 ') and Victor.

CD. Dénia: Maxi, Alex, Giménez, Gervasio (Nico 92´), Paco, Ferrán (Suhe, 58 '), Elías, Ángel (Panucci, 54'), Mono, Michael and Faye.

goals: 1-0 Pablo Roca (24 '); 1-1 Mono (71 ').

Referee: Coves Pastor, warned by local part to Pablo Roca (63 ') and Lelo (88), also expelled two yellow to Rolet and Victor and visitor part to Michael, Elias and Ferrán (64), and expelled double Álex yellow

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