The CD. Dénia could not score on his visit to Canals

27 October 2014 - 08: 37

El CD. Dénia still unable to score when they play away. During his visit to the Quatre Camins field of Canals 2 to 1 he lost.

Faye scored the goal Dianense

The first part was clear local color, as in the fourth minute, Santi hooked a shot just before which the goalkeeper could do nothing Dianense Maxi. Men Jesús Moratal, they reacted very well, since two minutes later, Faye tied the match after making a good individual play.

A while spurred Moratal men who had some arrivals to the local area but where there was a good definition. Gradually, the UD. Canals was seizing control of the game. Ramonet had a good opportunity to launch a fault, but Maxi managed to stop the ball when it seeped into his net.

34 in minutes, Santi put a good ball to Sergio Mesa and getting this finished second for both local. The goal left stunned to Dianense team while was the UD. Canals who had before the break a couple of occasions.

The CD. Dénia came out in the second half with the intention of turning the game around. The first occasion was Souhe but the Valencia goalkeeper stopped. The second was for Mono, but the local goalkeeper stopped again. There was a play in which the dianenses claimed penalty for hands within the area of ​​a local defender, but the referee did not think it appropriate to indicate the maximum penalty.

Given the Dianense push, the locals took a step back in their defensive line. The Dianense dominion was in increase before a rival who no longer left his own field. Faye fired and the ball toured the goal line without finding a finisher. Later it was Gervasio who executed a fault which responded very well the home keeper. Moratal team tried but failed. At the end of the clash it was reached with 2 1 to so the dianenses still do not know what is to score away from his fiefdom.

DirigeJesús Moratal men who, despite losing, they remain third with twelve points and the next day will receive in their field At. d'Alginet.

UD Canals: Javi Lloret, Salva Navarro, Chico (Izán 54 '), Sergio Revert, Pablo Bonet, Juanjo Signes, Aguilera, Santi, Voro (Carlos Calatayud 74'), Ramonet (Abdon 85 ') and Mesa.

CD DéniaMaxi, Álex (Ayoze 74 '), Paco Gimenez, Ferrán (Ismael 81'), Cardona (Panucci 66 '), Faye, Gervasio, Mono, Souhé and Michael.

Goals: 1-0 Santi (4 '), 1-1 Faye (6'), 2-1 table (34 ').

Referee: Ruiz García assisted in bands Castilian and Martinez Galera Maiques reprimanded by local Chico, Juanjo Signes and Ramonet, by visitors to Alex, Paco, Ferrán, Cardona and Ayoze.

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