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The CD. Dénia could not with a CD. more rolled Benidorm (0-2)

August 10 from 2013 - 08: 56

El CD. Dénia He fell by 0 to 2 front of the CD. Benidorm, in the second preseason game. This time, the dianenses played to their fans. The result is not important, what is left is the feeling of a lot of work ahead for the coach, Jesús Moratal.

The dianenses showed a great lack of coupling in their team. The block as such did not exist, rather it was a team where each one of his side tried to play football. Lacked on the field, a game more leisurely, and with clearer ideas. This proved that it is a totally new team that needs more shooting.

The Benidorm, showed as a more homogeneous team. Well placed on the game box and with a clearly defined system. In the first part, surprised the contra on a couple of occasions behind local. In one of them he scored the first goal. It was a lack of understanding of the two central Dianenses and Puncho very attentive surprised Maxi on his way out.

That goal against supposed to Dénia, they appeared nerves. He found the player that he should put some quiet time on the field. Just arrivals to the area of ​​Benidorm by locals who only created danger in shooting from the corner.

Little change the game in the second half, changes in one or the other eventually break the tempo. The team coach Antonio Villaescusa got a second goal served to kill off the shock.

This Denia has a lot of room for improvement, although in his release it should be noted that in theory players called to be holders yesterday did not play because they were bothered: Javi García, Gervasio, Pepe Gómez and Joel sat in the stands, at Not being one hundred percent physically.

Jesús Moratal Dianense coach has much work ahead

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