Prenatal song is already a reality for expectant mothers in the region

24 June 2015 - 09: 53

The Health Department has recently implemented Dénia prenatal singing antepartum pregnant women receiving training in the Marina Alta. For nine months, the midwife, Mª Teresa Giménez, and musician Manuel Lattur School, Hayfield Delgado, held every Tuesday sessions in Dénia Integrated Health Center II.

Prenatal singing helps to improve posture, breathing and muscle tone, being a means of communication with the baby and "a great ally in the work of the part", according to the midwife.

The class begins by performing percussions on the body of the pregnant woman. They are small taps on the face and back of the pregnant woman, using the knuckles. The sounds that provoke the percussions are perceptible by the fetus and help the mother and child to relax. Expectant mothers also learn the combined movement of pelvis and legs to cradle the baby while singing.

Since this technique has been implemented in the CSI Dénia II, an 80% of the babies that were placed head up have rotated before delivery, which avoids cesareans. It is expected that prenatal singing will spread to the rest of the basic areas of the Marina Alta.

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