The BioMoscatell de Poble Nou de Benitatxell joins the project 'Dénia & Marina Alta. Tasting Life '

May 23 from 2016 - 00: 03

Six months after UNESCO awarded Dénia the recognition of Creative City of Gastronomy, the project Dénia & Marina Alta. Tasting life continues to grow. And it does so with linking the region, combining local products that further enrich the gastronomic offer of the Marina Alta.


The final accession has been the BioMoscatell of Benitachell, a strong bet I poblero council consisting of the Moraig muscatel wine and juice in ecological conversion, two products that fit the characteristics of Dianense gastronomic project.

The project BioMoscatell He was born in 2012, based on this tradition and cultural identity linked to the moscatell grape. The initiative came to value the indigenous product, giving it the highest excellence and not just environmental sustainability criteria, but also respect for the gastronomic quality and to achieve maximum guarantees for the health of the consumer.

Last week, the mayor of Denia, Vicent GrimaltAnd the Mayor of Poble Nou, Josep Femenía, held a meeting to integrate the BioMoscatell project in the local food system is the key project Denia & Marina Alta. Tasting life. For Grimalt, the Biomoscatell can become one of the pillars of this project since its philosophy of sustainable and organic farming fits in with the principles of Unesco and the Creative Cities Network.

The Biomoscatell joins the project Tasting Life

From Benitachell they have shown their support for the project, according to Mayor "advances in a collaborative, creative and local economy model that concentrates a quality gastronomic offer related to local resources". For his agriculture councilor, Manolo Segarra, "The Biomoscatell project will go hand in hand in this beautiful regional dream of preserving the legacy of our grandparents on the bench, in the sea and in the kitchen and making the region a territory of Mediterranean, traditional and innovative food".

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