Ely López's balcony: a stage to cheer on her neighbors

20 March 2020 - 00: 05

Neither Facebook nor Instagram nor Twitter. The most popular social network in these times of crisis are patios, streets, which we access through balconies or physical windows, which are not digital.

That is where we now connect with the rest of society. Also where we give free rein to our art as a solidarity initiative. This is the case of Ely López, a dianense neighbor and former contestant of Tu Cara No Me Suena Still and La Voz. She, like many others, has turned her balcony into a stage with which to entertain her neighborhood through music.

"It emerged after re-entering the house the first day that we went out to applaud our windows. A chill ran through me so exciting that I decided to contribute for the next day without thinking a grain of sand, music. I call it medicine for the soul and as I dedicate myself to it and I have the sound system at home I said to myself, let's do it. Why do I do it? Because in moments as critical as this, all we need is to light the way for us in some way. Remind us that everything is going to be fine and forget about everything bad for a little while. So I have decided to keep going out and make the days more bearable, Ely López tells us.

"It keeps me busy and looking forward to preparing something nice for each afternoon and that makes time fly. Also, feeling comforted when entering the house and receiving the warmth of the neighbors who appreciate what you are doing without any purpose other than to encourage them. The unexpected thing about all this is that people are liking me and helping me to grow and even to hear and meet people who did not know they existed in the area. I will get a lot of positive from all this experience and once I reaffirm: music is powerful ".

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