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The City of Denia (Alicante) is headquartered in the building located in Constitution Square, in the center of the city. There are the offices of the council and the mayor and the council chamber in which are held monthly plenary sessions and institutional events of the city.

City Council plenary session in Dénia

Also, on the ground floor of these facilities is the service of Citizen from which can be processed files, file check-in and apply for grants for dining, aids textbooks, registration certificates, or obtain information on the job board, among other things. On the second floor the department of finance and accounting has been. Consistory shares space with a small office of the local police where file complaints.


The City Council of Dénia is composed of 21 democratically elected councilors every four years by citizens. Currently the mayor is the socialist Vicent Grimalt, who governs with his partner Compromís. The opposition groups are the Popular Party, Gent de Dénia-Center Unificat, Citizens and Canviem Entre Tots.

Other municipal buildings

In addition to the headquarters, the offices of the City of Dénia are spread around the city. The planning department is located in the old institute FP, at the premises of Round Walls, near the offices of Llunàtics and Youth.

The Department of Tourism is located in the tourist information offices in Plaza Oculista Buigues, near the port. The building of Social Welfare and Social Services, meanwhile, stood at the Plaza Archduke Charles of the city.

Activities of the City of Dénia

The different municipal areas that make up the municipality of Dénia organized related to its thematic and focused on a specific audience throughout the year activities.

City of Dénia

That is why the City of Dénia has a wide cultural agenda coordinated by the Department of Culture, whose offices are in the Municipal House of Culture. Also in the sports area there is a wide range of activities; as well as the environment, education or parties.

Phone, address and website

To contact the Town Hall of Dénia you have to call the phone 965780100. If the extension is known, you can contact the desired department. Otherwise a Bedel takes calls and forwards them to the appropriate areas.

Dénia City Council is in the Plaza de la Constitucion, near Glorieta and next to the Plaza del Consell. You can get more info by visiting their website: www.denia.es.

In addition, a Facebook page that updated daily with news about Dénia and photo albums of the most important events taking place in the city.

The City Council is also in Dénia Twitter, Where his followers kept informed of events that occur in the city.

Opening times

Citizen offices allow file check Monday through Friday from 9: 00 14 to hours and on Saturdays from 9: 00 13 to: 00 hours. To perform procedures related to the population census, the service is enabled from Monday to Friday from 9: 00 14 to: 00 hours; It expands Thursday afternoon, from 17: 00 19 to: 00 hours, and on Saturdays from 9: 00 12 to: 00 hours.



Constitution Square -

  1. Miguel Ayete says:

    From Brazil I search for meaning of MARINETA and there is no way to find it. I know a beach and some place with that name. Can someone tell me the meaning of the name of it? migayebel47 @ gmail.com… ..Thank you.

    • Pedro says:

      Marineta, is in Catalan a diminutive of Marina, therefore a marineta is a small marina.
      The Marineta Cassiana is an area of ​​the Marina de Denia, collected and small.

  2. Miracle Perales Navalón says:

    Good morning, I totally agree with Paquita Ruiz Caballero's writing. On the other hand, Dénia cannot be advertised with healthy beaches if we are not going to be able to bathe and if we do so it will be on beaches that are already saturated. I understand that measures must be taken this summer, but…. with logic. Les Rotes beach is wide and some areas are almost virgin. The entire beach can be made viable, with security measures and that yes expanding the areas of aid stations. Not only look at those that currently have an aid station, such as El Trampolí, La Punta and les Arenetes. There are areas that can be expanded for bathing and that currently do not have a relief station. Let's use the space for the good of all. If the confinement is lifted we cannot continue to be confined in Les Rotes and only go out to Mercadona or the Municipal Market. It is sad enough not to be able to enjoy the patron saint festivities, of the Moors and Christians, of not being able to go to the bars and restaurants that are so rich in their gastronomy …… ..Thank you and for the good of all, study and make a good proposal about the stockings that they are going to take in the Dénia Beaches. I personally if I go to a beach and see that it is full I will turn around and leave, I mean by this that the common sense of people is also important, as well as if there are strange behaviors to the measures that the City Council also puts they must be penalized.

  3. Paquita Ruiz Caballero says:

    I have read in the newspaper Levante some statements by the Mayor on the beaches of Denia in relation to the coronavirus crisis and what has been my surprise to see that he makes a comment on whether any Cala de las Rotas should be closed. I already know that this year it will be difficult to organize everything so that no one is in danger, but I make the following reflection: if any cove is closed, the people who go to the bathroom there will accumulate in the areas that are still open or move to the area of the marinas, with which the transfer of cars crossing the town as well as the parking of the same, would be incessant. Those who are older, displacement would cause us more than a problem, we would still have to give up the bathroom, parents with children who live in this area would be equally affected by coming and going by car, also taking into account that the marinas are a very extensive area of ​​beaches but it will be necessary to avoid accumulations of bathers since the route will be long to find a less crowded area.
    There are many coves in broken ones, and perhaps it would be advisable to put more vigilance to avoid people crowding into a certain area so that they do not have to close any. My suggestion is that before making such a drastic decision, it would be necessary to study the best way so that we can continue enjoying the bath without jeopardizing people's health.
    Urbanizations such as Las Viñas, Molinos, El Cid, some hotels and chalets in the area, we all benefit from the beaches of Las Rotas and with proper surveillance and measures we would continue to do so. Thank you and I await your response.

  4. Juana Rodríguez Campo says:

    Some time ago in talking to the Mayor, I sent an email with the complaint of: When they were going to prune the palm trees of Les Basetes park, not a reply since then. They have not pruned for more than three years, they look painful. I also made another complaint about the raft that forms in the curve of the Poseidon urbanization when it rains, being a continual danger of possible car accidents, since by dodging it, they invade the opposite lane, without any response. Where do you have to complain then? My vote tomorrow, has changed.

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