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The City Council and the Port Table seek solutions to keep the ports afloat

07 2020 April - 12: 40

In the weekly meeting that the Port Consultative Table of the Port of Dénia has been conducting online, the mayor of Dénia has also participated, Vicent Grimalt. During the meeting, the real situation was exposed, after the impact of COVID-19, of each of the companies located in the Port of Dénia, in order to find the best solutions in the short and medium term.

The mayor thanked this invitation to participate in the meetings of the Port Table and has shown all the support to companies from the City of Dénia. "Now more than ever it is important that we all go together to find the best formulas and get out of this situation as soon as possible". For his part, Gabriel Martínez, president of the Port Table, has indicated that "Our intention is to reach 2021 with all our business units and ensure that our workers do not lose their jobs". For this, the support of the Administration is necessary, so as soon as possible, the Port Table will request a meeting with the Director General of Ports, "So that with your help and our efforts we can keep all jobs afloat". The mayor of Dénia has offered to accompany the Port Table in that meeting in which he wants to show his full support.

Starting next Monday, April 13, Varadero Port Dénia will be able to start its activity again, "We hope little by little to be able to resume some work", has pointed out Albert Morell, manager of Varadero Port Dénia. Baleària It continues with the moored fleet since it has suspended all operations, as well as the Fishermen's Guild. For its part, the Portet de Dénia and Marina de Denia They continue to offer the minimum services established by law, to ensure the safety, surveillance and custody of the boats that are moored and also to ensure that there are no movements of people in their facilities. Other essential jobs include supporting Customs and the Coast Guard and Border Service of the Civil Guard.

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