The City Council publishes a video tutorial to help freelancers and micro-businesses to apply for Parèntesi grants

February 24 from 2021 - 10: 26

From February 24 to March 16, the self-employed dianenses and micro-companies (up to 10 workers) may request direct aid Parèntesi for sectors affected by the health crisis.

This is a line of aid endowed with 160 million euros that will be contributed between the Generalitat (62,5% of the total), the councils (22,5%) and the Valencian city councils (15%). They consist of a direct aid of 2.000 euros for each self-employed or micro-business in the most affected sectors, which will be increased by 200 euros for each worker in their charge. The amount that each beneficiary will receive can reach a maximum of 4.000 euros. In addition, the aid will be used to cover the current expenses of business activity from April 2020, when the pandemic began. This measure is expected to benefit, in approximate figures, 45.000 freelancers and 23.000 companies, with 136.000 linked workers.

To facilitate access to these grants for all dianenses who may request them, the council has launched a dissemination plan to make them known. In addition, they have published a tutorial in video format to explain, step by step, how they should be requested and who can do it.

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