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The City Council prepares a package of measures to face the economic impact derived from the coronavirus

24 March 2020 - 15: 35

The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, today announced a first package of measures in which the municipal government is already working to face the economic impact derived from the coronavirus crisis in which we are immersed. On the one hand, a large part of the remainder of the Treasury of the year 2019 will be destined to promote social aid and work is already underway to establish, in the medium term, a line of economic aid for families in situations of vulnerability or at risk of social exclusion whose situation has been aggravated in this crisis.

The consistory will also allocate to social policies the savings generated with the measure of reducing the intensity of public lighting during the night started since yesterday. Also contributing to this reduction in energy expenditure is the fact that many of the municipal facilities are closed after the decree of the state of alarm. As the mayor has pointed out, the expected savings ranges between 20.000 and 25.000 euros per month, an amount that will go towards financial aid for the most disadvantaged people.

The Dénia government has also decided to suspend and postpone pending debt settlements with the city council until the state of alarm ends. This measure is applicable to administrative concessions, such as the cafeterias of the Casa de Cultura, Bassetes Park, Madrigueres, El Rodat and El Trinquet; and to the settlements referring to minor and major works, among other cases.

Likewise, the fees will be refunded or compensated for occupation of the public thoroughfare, use of municipal offices and assistance to activities and services that have been suspended due to the state of alarm, such as the case of municipal sports schools or the Center. of Santa Llúcia Day. The fees, at the choice of the interested persons, will be returned or compensated in the next installment payment.

In the case of activities organized by the Youth department, the mayor has stated that the issue will be discussed with the concessionaire so that the proportional part of the fee for the activities that have not been carried out is returned. As for the Municipal Mercat, both the fish stalls and the bars, closed from the state of alarm, will be able to take advantage of the aid to small businesses that the city council will launch when this episode of health crisis is overcome.

And it is that businesses, small and medium-sized companies and the self-employed are other of the main affected by the economic consequences of the current situation. For this reason, the city council will propose in the medium term a plan of deferment and fractionation of rates and taxes, along with the line of aid to small businesses and the refund or compensation of fees for occupation of the public highway already mentioned above. Vicent Grimalt has also announced that the company Aguas de Dénia is going to study measures to help the sector and has recalled the commitment of the service concessionaire, Aqualia, not to cut supply due to non-payment while the coronavirus crisis lasts.

Finally, the mayor wanted to thank the solidarity "of the large number of companies, individuals and associations that have been made available to the city council." To name a few, Grimalt has pointed to the case of a local businessman who yesterday afternoon informed him that he is going to pay for the coronavirus detection tests by means of blood tests to all residents and staff working in the Santa Llúcia nursing home. .

The mayor has also had words of thanks for the Association of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs of the Marina Alta (Aehtma), whose response has been immediate and has made available to the Ministry of Health all the hotels in the city to host, in if necessary, to health personnel and mildly ill patients.

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