The City Council organizes with Amadem a new edition of the leisure program "With your feet in the sand"

August 05 from 2020 - 13: 33

For yet another year, the City Council of Dénia, through the Amadem association, has launched the project “With their feet in the sand” so that people with functional diversity can benefit from a leisure space and enjoy adapted facilities on the beach Tip raset from Dénia. During the summer, many resources that they enjoy during the year close their doors and, for this reason, the project “With their feet in the sand” was created, which offers a recreational area for users with functional diversity while providing a respite to families.

The program, which includes various activities such as crafts, walks on the sand, bathing in the sea or physical exercise, takes place from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 14 p.m. Currently there are two places available, Tuesday and Thursday, since the good acceptance of the program has made the rest of the days complete.

This summer 2020, due to the situation we are going through, activities have had to be adapted to comply with all the protocols and security measures required by this new normality.

Firstly, the number of users has gone from 20 to 15 and the dimensions of the tent have doubled compared to previous years. 4 tables have been arranged and in each of them only 4 people sit, always at the same and with their assigned chair. Furniture and material are disinfected frequently throughout the day. Likewise, the facilities are disinfected before starting the activities each morning and also in the middle of the day.

Bathing in the sea for users continues, but in turn, to match the minimum number of people in the water, in the showers and in the changing room.

From Amadem they emphasize and appreciate the awareness of the users, which is making the monitors' work easier. They are a clear example of compliance with regulations, since they lend themselves to taking daily temperatures, wear their respective masks and agree to disinfect their environment from time to time for their safety. Likewise, entry and exit shifts are being carried out, so that they do not all coincide at the same hours and, in this way, all the measures can be fulfilled efficiently.

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