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The City Council will train Dianenses companies to facilitate their access to public procurement

24 2020 April - 13: 04

Between fiscal and economic support measures for companies and the self-employed The various municipal and technical groups have made this week to deal with the crisis stemming from the pandemic, highlighting the boost that the City Council wants to give to the hiring of SMEs and local self-employed to take charge of local public works and services.

It has always been a topic that has been on the table. Many of the public job offers end up in the hands of companies from outside Dénia, which apparently have difficulties in obtaining these tenders. What's more, a few months ago Gent de Dénia proposed the creation of a rotary exchange of local companies formed to resort to it in case of public needs.

This lack of presence of local companies is attributed by the City Council to a lack of knowledge of the processes. Now that all municipal groups have agreed to streamline and reactivate public procurement when the confinement is over, the government team has committed to carrying out a training plan on public procurement aimed at SMEs and the self-employed to facilitate access.

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