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The City Council will alternate access to the open-air market after complaints from some vendors

May 27 from 2020 - 12: 41

The open-air fruit and vegetable market is open from this month with strong restrictions to guarantee security conditions for customers and vendors. One of them, however, has generated a marked inequality of conditions at some stops to deliver its products to customers.

Since the market opened in La Vía, the entrance to it had been installed in the area of ​​the Toy Museum, always having to leave by the part closest to Diana street. The market having been in operation for several weeks, these accesses had been maintained in this way. The idea was to make a one-way corridor inside to avoid crowds.

However, this caused the end of the market stalls to see their sales drop to the point that some of the merchants rethought whether it would be profitable to continue coming to work in Dénia. The reason is that if there is no option for customers to move freely between stalls, being able to take a look and then decide what to buy, they always bought the products as soon as they saw them available, at the first stops. A very advantageous situation for them but harmful for those merchants located at the end of the route, who saw their potential customers passing by with their bags full and without stopping.

After the complaints of these collected by the municipal group of citizens Dénia, which presented a project to alter the entrance to the open-air market, the City Council has decided to change the circuit, thus guaranteeing a level playing field for all stops. Now, every 15 days the entrance will be located at one point while exceptional conditions last.

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