Auto Dénia tied for visiting Alcoy (3-3)

04 March 2014 - 00: 00

El Auto Motors Dénia He returned from his visit to Alcoy with a three-way tie. The match that faced the Alcoyana Union went uphill despite the dianenses have a superior team.

The first minutes of the game were controlled by dianenses. Although intense dominance was not reflected on the scoreboard. The kids who heads Nata Grimalt were not successful at the time of the auction and that prevented the advance could lead.

In this sport defensive errors they are usually paid expensive and that happened to Auto Dénia Motors. An air ball not just failed to clear the 1 to 0 being for alcoyanos.

The Dianense reaction was immediate and Álex Pla equalized to transform a double penalty. The dianenses came fairly easily to rival area but did not score. Again, it was the Alcoyana Union who took the lead on the scoreboard by scoring the second goal. With the result 2 1 it came to rest.

The Dianense technical change their tactics and opted to play further back, looking to surprise the counter. But he failed and chose to upload your line pressure to the opposite field.

In another defensive error, the dianenses again conceding a goal. Detracted four minutes to the end and Nata Grimalt gambled player taking the goalie. The thing did well, scoring the second goal Eze for dianenses.

The dianense insistence had its reward, when in the absence of 50 seconds to the end of the match, Eze scored again, achieving the tie at three, which ended the clash.

The Auto Denia played: Bofi, Jaén, Rober, Álex Plá (1), Blai, Eze (2), Reuben, Choko, Caesar, David and Dani.

On Saturday Auto Denia Motors Receives the leader Alfaz del Pí in the pavilion of the municipal sports center of Denia at 20: 00 hours.

The Auto Dénia Motors is tenth in the classification

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