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The art of the ephemeral frames the presentation of Mayca Ramos as a major faller of Baix la Mar

10 December 2018 - 08: 02

Mayca Ramos Moll lived last Friday one of the most special moments of his life fallera. It was proclaimed and exalted as a major faller of Baix la Mar for the 2018-2019 exercise.

Under the slogan Efímer, the act was a vindication of the work of the falleras commissions like an art in itself through the monuments, the floats, the comparsas or the own falleras presentations.

Gema Baeza served as the master of ceremonies for the event in which Paco Blanquer, president of 2019, received the numerous court of honor on stage and proclaimed Mayca Ramos as the committee's highest representative this year.

The words of Astrid Pons, daughter of Mayca, thrilled the protagonist of the night during her exaltation, to end up melting into an embrace that exuded pride and love.

Mayca received the affection of many people during the night. In the turn of pleitesías they approached to greet it representatives of the Association of Veïns de Baix la Mar; of the Fishermen's Association; his colleagues from the theater group El Desficaci; representatives of the fogger Carrer Sant Vicent, of Alicante; and of the failure Rei Jaume I of Carcaixent. Also the child charges of the commission, Alicia and Pepe; and his predecessors in office, María Giner and Manuel Marco. The biggest faller of Dénia, Amparo Petrie, closed the turn of pleitesías.

Finally Mayca took the floor to address the audience. It was time to thank the support and affection that those around him are offering, time to thank also the work that the entire commission is doing to make your year unforgettable.

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